Battery Safety


Batteries become daily use components for many applications. More than that we can say that without batteries our life will change dramatically. Just think on life with no mobile phones. In the race for energy density we sometimes forget the safety. Unfortunately we face daily safety events with injures and severe property damage.
The training program focuses on portable and stationary battery safety along battery cycle life (acceptance, testing, assembly, use, transportation and disposal). The seminar incorporates Shmuel De-Leon and other experience on battery safety for over 25 years of work in the field. The motivation behind the seminar is to provide information to the attendants with the knowledge needed to handle safely the batteries in their organization and to support reduction in safety events.

Training content:
• Movies and pictures of sever battery safety events
• Full review of Root Cause for battery safety events.
• Guidelines on how to handle batteries safely.
• What to do guidelines in case of battery safety event.
• Check list of lab and warehouse safety equipment needed.
• Battery safety standards
Who Should Attend:
• Battery and energy storage users
• Pack assemblers
• Cell makers
• Energy storage suppliers
• Academic researchers
• Energy storage/Power R&D engineers
• Organization Safety managers
• Battery shippers and disposals
• E-Mobility industry members
• Others industry members

  • Review Course
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed