Primary Batteries


Batteries become daily use components for many applications. In that course we provide detailed update on the primary battery technologies, Background, Characteristics and review of all primary battery technologies. That course is a second basic course that each attendant for our E-Learning battery training needs to take.

Training content:

• Primary batteries characteristics
• What are the reasons to use primary batteries
• Primary battery chemistries comparison
• Zinc chloride batteries
• Zinc carbon batteries
• Alkaline batteries
• Silver oxide batteries
• Lithium primary batteries Background
• Why lithium
• Lithium primary batteries advantages, limitations
• Lithium primary batteries per electrolyte classification
• Passivation
• Extreme temperature batteries
• Lithium batteries applications
• Lithium iron disulfide batteries
• Lithium iodine batteries
• Lithium manganese dioxide batteries
• Lithium carbon mono fluoride batteries
• Lithium sulfur dioxide batteries
• Lithium thionyl chloride batteries
• Lithium sulfuryl chloride batteries
• Lithium organic batteries
• Lithium thionyl chloride batteries with no passivation

Who Should Attend:
• Battery and energy storage users
• Pack assemblers
• Cell makers
• Energy storage suppliers
• Academic researchers
• Energy storage/Power R&D engineers
• Organization Safety managers
• Battery shippers and disposals
• E-Mobility industry members
• others industry members

  • Review Course
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed