Battery Essentials


Batteries become daily use components for many applications. In that course we provide a history perspective of the battery industry progress, define the basic parameters defining batteries and bring the audience to understand the basic “Battery language”.
That course is a first basic course that each attendant for our E-Learning battery training needs to take.
Training content:

• Battery industry history prospective
• Cells & Batteries
• Battery classification
• Main cell components
• How cells work
• Cells types and shapes
• Cells/Battery standards
• Cell internal construction
• Battery polarization
• Battery sealing
• Cell/Batteries voltages
• Energy density
• How cells work
• Cell/Batteries Impedance/Resistance
• Operating temperatures
• Storage conditions
• Self discharge
• Shelf life
• Cycle life
• State of Charge/Health
• C-Rate

Who Should Attend:
• Battery and energy storage users
• Pack assemblers
• Cell makers
• Energy storage suppliers
• Academic researchers
• Energy storage/Power R&D engineers
• Organization Safety managers
• Battery shippers and disposals
• E-Mobility industry members
• others industry members

  • Review Course
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed