Super capacitors


Super capacitors are devices that store limited amount of energy but can deliver high power. This device can be performing as standalone device or as a hybrid solution together with batteries. Super capacitor market is growing steadily and become a popular energy storage device.

Training content:
What is a super capacitor?
Super capacitor internal construction
What super capacitor provide
Super capacitor comparison (Super capacitor, Electrostatic capacitor, Rechargeable batteries)
Water based and organic electrolyte base super capacitors comparison
Super capacitor - Shapes
Super capacitor – Voltage
Super capacitor – Capacitance
Super capacitor – Energy and power
Super capacitor – Polarity
Super capacitor – Leakage current
Super capacitor – Aging
Super capacitor – Limiting factors
Asymmetric super capacitors - general
Asymmetric super capacitors – Advantages
Super capacitor –Hybrid systems
Super capacitor – Balancing
Super capacitor – Market estimations
Super capacitor – Applications

Who Should Attend:
• Battery and energy storage users
• Pack assemblers
• Cell makers
• Energy storage suppliers
• Academic researchers
• Energy storage/Power R&D engineers
• Organization Safety managers
• Battery shippers and disposals
• E-Mobility industry members
• others industry members

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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed