Thermal and reserve batteries


Thermal and reserve batteries serve an important niche market of batteries that need to stay a long time on storage and provide power immediately when it is needed. These batteries serve military as well as space, aviation ,industrial and consumer markets.

Training content:

• What is a reserve battery?
• Thermal batteries - General and applications
• Thermal batteries – Internal construction
• Thermal batteries – Activation, Activation types
Thermal battery typical discharge curve
Thermal and Oxyhalide reserve system comparison
Thermal batteries manufacturing process
• some thermal battery manufacturers
Thermal batteries transportation regulations
• Lithium Thionyl chloride reserve batteries
• Ragone plot
• Zinc air reserve cells
Commercial Primary cells energy density comparison
Zinc Air – Air access
• Zinc air cells versus lithium primary cells
Zinc-Air Consumer cells sizes (Hearing Aid)
Hearing Aid batteries
• Magnesium Silver Chloride reserve batteries
• Silver zinc reserve batteries

Who Should Attend:
• Battery and energy storage users
• Pack assemblers
• Cell makers
• Energy storage suppliers
• Academic researchers
• Energy storage/Power R&D engineers
• Organization Safety managers
• Battery shippers and disposals
• E-Mobility industry members
• others industry members

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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed