Battery supply chain


Battery supply chain training describe the way the battery industry is built from raw materials, battery materials, cells components, automation till assembled batteries and other industry segments.

Training content:

• What is a supply chain?
• Energy storage devices types
• The strong need for batteries
• Battery applications
• Battery types
• Primary and rechargeable batteries Chemistries
• Cells & Batteries
• Different cell types
• Internal cell basic components
• Charge/discharge operation
• Li-Ion cells manufacturing flow chart, cylindrical and pouch
• Battery pack components and internal construction
• Battery design process
• Battery performance tests
• Battery supply chain construction:
• R&D and academic institutes
• R&D startup companies
• Battery raw materials
• Battery materials
• Cell components
• Machining and automation
• Battery welding machines
• Primary cells
• Primary & rechargeable cells manufacturers
• Super capacitors manufacturers
• Fuel cells manufacturers
• Battery pack assemblers
• Battery management systems
• Battery collectors and recyclers
• Battery testing equipment manufacturers
• Battery testing labs
• Battery organizations
• Battery publications

Who Should Attend:

Battery and energy storage users
Pack assemblers
Cell makers
Energy storage suppliers
Academic researchers
Energy storage/Power R&D engineers
Organization Safety managers
Battery shippers and disposals
E-Mobility industry members
others industry members

  • Review Course
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed